In looking at the methods and tools available to properly handle an ADABAS Protection Log (PLOG), one fact should be known from the outset:

That’s the plain truth:  A Software AG customer does not really need to buy anything to handle PLOG data, simply because ADABAS delivers the utilities required to initially process a PLOG, and Natural provides the capability to properly handle the utility’s output.

The only “problems” in using a Natural and ADABAS utility approach to PLOG processing boils down to two points: 

The solution to both of these problems is simple:  Intelligent Generation

In 1999 NatWorks developed an intelligent PLOG process generator and we called this product NatCDC.  Further refinements have led to NatCDCSP, our Single Pass processing engine.  With NatCDC and NatCDCSP, the Dependency On Expertise for PLOG processing is reduced to having a knowledgeable person supply information to NatQuery / NatCDC just once at configuration time.  With this specific knowledge captured, the Time required to generate complete, ready-to-execute, custom PLOG processes is reduced to seconds or minutes instead of hours or days.

NatCDC is an application that addresses Data Warehouse Change Data Capture and PLOG auditing in a single toolset.  Where NatCDCSP differs from NatCDC is in its ability to process multiple Files in a Single Pass as opposed to processing one File at a time.  NatWorks is proud to offer NatCDC and NatCDCSP as the “pipeline” between the ADABAS PLOG and where you need your data today.

NatCDC / NatCDCSP can be purchased as either a stand-alone product or as an add-on product to NatQuery for a complete ADABAS data extraction system.

The following links provide additional information on NatCDC & NatCDCSP:

If you are interested in obtaining a Demonstration or Trial version of NatQuery / NatCDC /NatCDCSP, please use our Software Request Form.

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