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NatQuery Downloads

NatCDC / NatCDCSP Downloads

    NatCDC / NatCDCSP Software for Mainframes

    NatCDC / NatCDCSP Software for UNIX & Windows

    From the release notes for NatCDCSP 4.2.x

    Given the fact that NATCDCSP handles all functionality found in NATCDC, NatWorks currently does not plan on producing any further upgrades to NATCDC.  Instead, NATCDCSP will continue to be enhanced to address the ongoing needs of Software AG Customers.  This means that the final version of NATCDC for Mainframes is 3.2.1, the final version of NATCDC for Open Systems is 3.2.2, and the first General Availability release of NATCDCSP is 4.2.0.” 

    NatCDC NatCDCSP Documentation

    Further information on NatCDC / NatCDCSP as well as other informational downloads are available from this link.

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