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NatWorks, Inc. - General Information
NatWorks, Inc is a privately held Corporation with headquarters located in Northfield, Vermont (USA).  NatWorks was formally established in January of 1998, and was started by a former Software AG Senior Systems Engineer who specialized in the Software AG product Super Natural.

NatWorks currently has a worldwide presence through its partnerships, and has customers in England, France, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Brazil, the Philippines, Canada and the United States.

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NatWorks’ Mission
Software AG's ADABAS is truly a superior database management system, one that offers outstanding performance, maintainability and recoverability.  As powerful as ADABAS is, NatWorks feels that there has been a historical problem in regards to handling the ever-expanding need for data extraction.

With virtually all database systems on the market today, easy access to data is not particularly an issue as most of these databases were built to conform to relational theory, thus allowing these databases to be easily accessed via SQL / ODBC tools.  While SQL / ODBC tools can in fact be made to work against ADABAS, the plain fact of the matter is that ADABAS was never built to adhere to this standard - think of SQL as being a square relational peg being retrofitted to fit in a round inverted-list hole.  Providing SQL access to ADABAS is typically invasive to the Natural / ADABAS server platform, SQL solutions are usually quite expensive, performance is a pervasive concern, and installing SQL access may impact subsequent upgrades of Software AG products.

In examining the various approaches to providing flexible access to data stored in ADABAS, two facts present themselves:

  • For general data extraction, the most widely used and best-accepted approach is using Natural, the 4th generation language that Software AG specifically designed and built for use with ADABAS; and,
  • For high-performance data extraction, ADABAS provided utilities supply the basis for all required functionality, especially when these utilities are used with Natural.

At NatWorks Inc., we strongly feel that the most cost-effective approach to resolving data extraction issues with ADABAS should embrace these facts, not ignore them as other vendors have chosen to do.

NatWorks, Inc. knows what you know about data extraction and ADABAS:  The tools you need to effectively handle ADABAS extraction tasks are already present within a Software AG environment; it shouldn’t (always) require a programmer or DBA to get at your data.  The answer to removing the need for programmers or DBAs is simple:  Intelligently and automatically generate the objects that would normally be manually created.

Our products solve the problem of data extraction and Change Data Capture from ADABAS by leveraging the tools that a Software AG customer already has, using an approach that is straightforward, cost-effective, efficient and that simply makes sense from every point of view.

NatWorks is proud to offer NatQuery and NatCDCSP to customers of Software AG, fitting solutions for data extraction problems against ADABAS environments where NATURAL also exists.

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NatWorks’ Products
NatWorks currently offers two products, NatQuery and NatCDCSP.  Information on these products can be found on our Product Information Page.

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NatWorks’ Sales and Marketing
NatWorks’ marketing is handled in three ways; through marketing efforts that originate in our corporate headquarters, through the world wide marketing efforts of our individual partner companies (such as Treehouse Software and IBM/Ascential Software), and through marketing efforts specific to Latin America that originate in our Brazilian office - MD2.

Marketing is accomplished through direct mail, e-mail, telemarketing, onsite presentations and demonstrations, on-line presentations and demonstrations, attendance at and participation in specific conferences and trade shows, as well as active participation at Software AG user groups.

For further information on Sales and Marketing, please refer to our Contact Page.

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NatWorks’ Market
NatWorks’ market is any of the approximately 3,000+ Software AG customers world wide who utilize ADABAS and who also have Natural.  It is NatWorks’ opinion that there exists a pervasive need within this install base to provide effective Data Extraction and Change Data Capture (CDC) solutions, and NatWorks has developed products that address this need.

Whether providing End-users with controlled access to data, Data Warehousing or Data Mart efforts, or providing ADABAS data to the Web - an extraction solution should be flexible, cost-effective, performance oriented and provide a solid and demonstrable Return On Investment (ROI).

NatWorks’ Products accomplish this process faster (one or two days versus one month or more), cheaper ($27,500 to $50,000 versus $150,000 or more), and with less of a learning curve than the alternatives.  Please contact us for current pricing for Open System and mainframe ADABAS products.

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NatWorks’ Headquarters
The location of NatWorks headquarters can be seen in the following graphic.



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