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Software AG's “Natural”, programming language was designed to be THE access language of ADABAS.  You’ve been writing Natural programs since your organization bought ADABAS and there is simply no better way to get your data.   Data Extraction costs come down to programming knowledge, manpower, and the time required to write these programs.  These are the very same starting points from which both NatQuery and NatCDCSP were designed - in order to meet your extraction and data processing needs.

Leverage what you have - Leverage what you know

For data extraction from ADABAS, we proudly provide NatQuery:  The first graphical tool specifically designed to automatically generate extract code without asking the user to be a trained Natural Programmer.  Originally developed as a GUI replacement strategy for Super Natural, NatQuery delivers an ADABAS data extraction solution that installs on your PC not the mainframe, does not require any programming knowledge to use effectively, supports both End-user extraction needs and Data Warehousing requirements, and also integrates seamlessly with your existing or proposed ETL & BI solutions.

To handle the challenges of processing ADABAS Protection Log (PLOG) data, we offer NatCDC & NatCDCSP:  A comprehensively designed GUI tool that uses Natural in conjunction with ADABAS utilities to handle the complexities of turning PLOG data into immediately useable information from ADABAS in any environment.

As you can see both tools augment your existing ADABAS Database and the skill sets your organization has painstakingly developed over years of use.  This reduces the time involved for implementation and training on these tools which in turn assures a rapid Return On Investment.

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