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In examining the various approaches to handling data extraction from ADABAS, two irrefutable facts immediately present themselves:

  • The most widely used and best understood method of accessing ADABAS is through the use of the  programming language Natural, with Natural being the 4th generation programming language that Software AG (the developers of ADABAS) specifically designed and built to access ADABAS.

  • For those situations where performance is the primary concern, the native utilities that are supplied with ADABAS provide all the horsepower required (they just need a little “user-friendly” help).

When it comes to handling data extraction from ADABAS, absolutely every procedure that will be needed can be accomplished using Natural, or Natural used in conjunction with ADABAS utilities.  Not only will both of these approaches handle all aspects of your extraction needs, these two methods can deliver exceptional performance (please refer to the ADABAS Extraction Performance page) as well.

The problems in using a Natural or a Natural and ADABAS utility approach to data extraction from ADABAS boils down to two points:

  • Dependency On Expertise, and
  • Time

The solution to both of these problems is:  Intelligent Generation

NatWorks has developed an intelligent Natural program generator, and the result of this development is our flagship product NatQuery.  Using NatQuery, the Dependency On Expertise is reduced to having a knowledgeable person supply application-specific information to NatQuery once at initial configuration time - this knowledge is then stored and reused on demand.  With this specific application knowledge captured, along with the inherent ADABAS and Natural intelligence which has been “built into” NatQuery, the Time required to generate complete, ready-to-execute, custom extraction processes is reduced to minutes instead of hours.

NatQuery is an application that addresses End-user extraction, Data Warehouse Extraction, simple data replication and basic Web Publishing in a single tool, and NatWorks is proud to offer NatQuery as the “missing link” between ADABAS and Natural.

The following links provide additional information on NatQuery:

  • NatQuery Abstract (Adobe Acrobat PDF format**)
    This PDF document provides General Information on NatQuery that covers Features, Basic Architecture, Integration and Prerequisites.
  • NatQuery Basic Fact Sheet (Adobe Acrobat PDF format**)
    This PDF document is a single page fact sheet that provides a high-level view of NatQuery and its capabilities.
  • F.A.Q. on Using NatQuery (Adobe Acrobat PDF format**)
    Frequently asked questions regarding; “How to use NatQuery”.
  • NatQuery General Questions and Answers (Adobe Acrobat PDF format**)
    This PDF document provides information on NatQuery in a Question and Answer format.
  • Top Reasons Why NatQuery Makes Sense
    This link provides reasons why a Software AG customer will be interested in investigating NatQuery as a data extraction solution for ADABAS.
  • Natural Extraction Performance
    This link provides information on the performance characteristics of using Natural and Natural with ADABAS utilities to address ADABAS data extraction needs.  Think that Natural can’t handle the task?  Think Again.
  • NatQuery General Architecture
    This link provides information on the General Architecture of NatQuery.
  • NatQuery Connectivity Architecture
    This link provides information on how NatQuery integrates to a remote Natural / ADABAS server platform.
  • Slide shows of interest
    This menu of PPT’s allows simple demonstration of several of the facets of NatQuery. 
    Please be patient as your selected slide show may take a moment to load.

If you are interested in obtaining a Demonstration or Trial version of NatQuery, please use our Software Request Form.

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