NatWorks' Products

NatWorks is proud to offer the following products as compliment tools to your ADABAS database on Z/OS, OS/390, MVS, VSE, UNIX, or Windows platforms:

NatQuery - The ADABAS Data Extraction Engine
NatQuery is specifically designed to serve as a data extraction engine for ADABAS and supports multiple extraction initiatives such as End User extraction and Data Warehouse population.  Automated data extraction using NatQuery can occur one of two ways; the stand alone generation of programs that are written in Software AG’s Natural programming language, or program generation combined with the use of native ADABAS utilities (the output of which is then further processed by NatQuery generated Natural programs).


NatCDC - The ADABAS PLOG Processing Engine
NatCDC/SP has been designed primarily to address the needs of Change Data Capture (CDC) in a Single Pass (SP) for Data Warehousing and additionally addresses the needs of ADABAS transaction auditing.  This is accomplished through the proven ability to extract data directly from the ADABAS Protection Log (PLOG).  To accomplish PLOG processing, NatCDC/SP initially leverages the utilities that Software AG specifically designed and incorporated into ADABAS for this purpose, either the ADASEL or ADACDC utility of ADABAS in mainframe environments, or ADAPLP in Windows or UNIX environments.  This output can then be further processed by NatCDC/SP using automatically generated Natural programs to provide immediately useable data or comprehensive audit reports.  Audit data can even be directly queried for drilling down into transaction data.