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NatWorks Product Release Information:

NatQuery & NatCDCSP
Now offering Secured FTP (FTPS) or FTP processing.
NatCDCSP now includes the ability to handle Spanned Records

NatQuery version 6.0.4 is now available and was released on September 29, 2016.  Clients using earlier versions are encouraged to update to the latest version available at their earliest convenience.

For general information regarding NatQuery, please click here.

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NatCDC 3.2.1 with support for ADASEL was released on June 4th, 2004.  NatCDC 3.2.1 with support for ADACDC was released February 11th, 2005. NatCDC version 3.2.4 is for Open Systems only and was released on September 12, 2008.  NatWorks will continue to support NatCDC for some time to come. NatCDCSP version 5.1.1 released on January 7th, 2013 is the most current general  release version for UNIX, Windows, and Mainframe platforms.  NatCDCSP 4.2.X encompasses Single Pass processing as well as the option for the single file processing found in NatCDC.

From the release notes for NatCDCSP 4.x:

Given the fact that NatCDCSP handles all functionality found in NatCDC, NatWorks currently does not plan on producing any further upgrades to NatCDC.  Instead, NatCDCSP will continue to be enhanced to address the ongoing needs of Software AG Customers.  This means that the final version of NatCDC for Mainframes is 3.2.1, the final version of NatCDC for Open Systems is 3.2.2, and the first General Availability release of NATCDCSP is 4.2.0. 

To go directly to the download page please click here.  For access to our Secured Page you will need an ID and Password.  Please contact NatWorks if you would like to begin a trial or gather more information regarding our products


 NatWorks News and Press Releases:

June 14, 2006
NatWorks is proud to announce our partnership with CoSort -
Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc.  As a pre-requisite to providing PLOG Processing to ADABAS customers utilizing the UNIX, Linux or Windows platforms, a robust SORT solution is required.

The NatWorks partnership and relationship with CoSort is a direct result of NatWorks' search to obtain robust SORT capabilities in the UNIX, Linux and Windows environments in order to support the rigorous demands of development and testing our software.

NatWorks highly recommends CoSort / IRI to any organization that require production-ready SORT capabilities; whether this need arises as a prerequisite for NatWorks software, or otherwise.

March 14, 2005
IBM announced its agreement to acquire Ascential Software, NatWorks long-standing resale partner.  NatWorks looks forward to bringing IBM/Ascential the best in ADABAS data extraction tools for their existing and potential Software AG clients.  For more information regarding this sale please see:

December 29th, 2004
NatWorks today announced that it has come to an agreement with Treehouse Software, Inc., (TSI) of Sewickley, PA, to provide principal worldwide sales and marketing for NatWorks products.

With the addition of the NatQuery and NatCDC products, native data extraction and change data capture solutions for ADABAS, TSI bolsters its portfolio of ADABAS data extraction and integration tools. These currently include: tRelational/DPS, the leading ADABAS-to-RDBMS Extract-Transformation-Load (ETL) and Change Data Capture (CDC) product; DPSync, the industry's only real-time ADABAS-to-RDBMS data propagation product; and DPS X-Link, the ADABAS/XML "instant integration" product.

According to George Szakach, President of TSI, "For years, we have delivered an increasingly rich and broad array of ADABAS extraction products.  With NatQuery and NatCDC, we are able to meet the needs of customers that want a proven GUI-based ADABAS query, extraction, and CDC toolset.  These NatWorks products are easy to deploy and use.  They integrate readily with a multitude of targets, from spreadsheets to replicated ADABAS files.  Furthermore, NatQuery and NatCDC offer cross-platform and non-mainframe ADABAS extraction capability that TSI would otherwise have had to develop to meet the demands of customers using ADABAS on UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms.  It is now completely clear that Software AG customers, consultants, systems integrators, and others can turn to TSI to fulfill any imaginable ADABAS ETL/CDC or data integration requirement.  Offerings from all other vendors pale in comparison to TSI's in completeness of vision, product maturity, productivity and efficiency, and richness of features."

Chris Bradley, NatWorks President, adds, "We are delighted with this new relationship. TSI's well-established and highly respected presence in the Software AG community will give NatQuery and NatCDC access to a much-expanded, worldwide customer market.  With sales, marketing and technical support in the capable hands of TSI, we can focus on continued development and enhancement of our software and services. The TSI and NatWorks product lines complement each other and allow Software AG customers to choose the best possible product or combination of products from a single vendor -- a vendor that also happens to be the foremost ISV in the market space."

Further information is available at

January 26th, 2004
2003 was NatWorks best year ever, and we are already on track to make 2004 even better for our customers, our partners and ourselves.  We are exceptionally pleased to report that NatWorks now has customers in Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, South Africa, South America and of course the United States Of America.

Despite our success, we enter our 7th year rededicated to providing The Best Native Solutions possible to data processing issues that involve ADABAS.

November 13, 2002
NatWorks delivers a data replication solution for ADABAS that enables the capture of Delta changes occurring against 1 ADABAS file into a different ADABAS file (in the same or different ADABAS databases).

August 16, 2002
NatWorks executes a partnership agreement with Software AG.

August 2, 2002
NatWorks executes a referral agreement with Software AG that allows Software AG USA to provide referral sales to NatWorks for NatWorks Products.

January 3, 2002
NatWorks signs a partnership agreement with Sagent Software that allows Sagent to distribute NatWorks software in conjunction with Sagent’s Data Warehousing software suite.

January 2, 2002
NatWorks re-signs a partnership agreement with Ascential Software that allows Ascential to distribute NatWorks software in conjunction with Ascential’s Data Warehousing software suite.

December 4, 2001
NatWorks signs a partnership agreement with Reliance Technology that provides for seamless integration of data extracted by NatQuery directly to the Web using Reliance Technology’s Any2XML product.  Read the Press Release here.

November 1, 2001
NatWorks signs a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Data Junction to deliver and extremely robust and cost-effective Data Warehouse / Data Mart solution.  Read the Press Release here.

January 16, 2001
Informix Business Solutions, an independent operating company of Informix Corporation, announced it has changed its name to Ascential Software, Inc. Ascential Software will be the provider of platform and database-independent information asset management solutions, with NatWorks becoming a partner of Ascential Software.

September 9th, 2000
Informix Corporation (NASDAQ: IFMX) announced a strategic realignment into two independent operating companies, with Informix Business Solutions becoming the business unit responsible for handling Data Warehouse and Data Movement.

March 1st, 2000
Informix Corporation (NASDAQ: IFMX) completes the acquisition of Ardent Software (NASDAQ: ARDT), thus making NatWorks, Inc. a partner company with Informix.

January 7th, 2000
Ardent Software and IBM introduce new product to provide Data Warehousing Solutions for ADABAS market. At the core of this initiative is the NatWorks product NatQuery.

May 14th, 1999
NatWorks, Inc. announces an exclusive two-year software distribution contract with Ardent Software, Inc. headquartered in Westboro, Massachusetts.  This agreement allows Ardent Software, Inc. to resell NatQuery as a data extraction solution in conjunction with Ardent’s products.

February 24th, 1998
NatWorks, Inc. announces an exclusive one-year development and distribution contract with Prism Solutions Inc. headquartered in Sunnyvale California.  This agreement allows Prism Solutions, Inc. to resell NatQuery as a data extraction solution in conjunction with Prism’s products.

January 1, 1998
NatWorks Inc. is formally established as a Corporation in the State of Vermont, USA.

July 4, 1997
NatQuery is selected for use by Software AG Germany as a ADABAS data extraction tool for the Software AG Data Warehousing product SourcePoint.  The SourcePoint product was later effectively sunsetted in December 1997.