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Slide Presentation

NatQuery and NatCDC Overview

For a brief overview of both NatQuery and NatCDC please download this Power Point presentation.  Click here to download now.  NatQuery and NatCDC offer ADABAS extraction processing together or as stand alone products.  For a more information regarding NatQuery please refer to this link, for information regarding NatCDC please use this link.

For more specific interests, NatWorks presents the following slide shows. 
              - Please note they may take a moment to load:

Building an End-User Query 36 slides
Building a 2 File Extraction 31 slides
ETL Integration (Building a Data Warehouse) 34 slides
Building a Dynamic Variable 48 slides
Summary Processing 19 slides
ADABAS to RDBMS 25 slides
Building an Expression Variable 24 slides
Query Scheduling 24 slides

In these presentations the reader is given a high level understanding of the architecture and capability of both NatQuery and NatCDC.

Please contact NatWorks for more information on either product and how NatWorks can can best serve your organization.