NatQuery integrates to a remote Natural / ADABAS platform through the use of automated FTP against all platforms where ADABAS can reside  Integration to the remote server platform is achieved in a manner that completely shields the End-user from the need to have any knowledge of, or even be aware of, the connectivity method being used.

In all cases, a NatQuery request to the remote Natural / ADABAS server platform results in the generation of a dynamically customized JCL or Scripts that are designed to execute in the ADABAS server’s batch environment.  JCL / Script are generated using administratively provided templates that are typically built upon NatQuery provided default templates. 

Through the use of the server’s batch environment, and in addition to the default templates that NatQuery provides, an administrator can easily create additional customized JCL / Scripts that can perform further site specific operations upon NatQuery provided extract data.  For example:  Custom templates can be easily built to automatically FTP, FTPS or copy data to another platform, handle the automatic e-mailing of data, issue Remote Execution commands (such as REXEC or RSH), among other operations.

The JCL / Scripts that NatQuery generates after being moved to the server platform through FTP / FTPS or network File Copy operations, can then be executed in one of several ways:

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