With ADABAS 6 and previous versions, there was only one Software AG ADABAS utility that handled ADABAS Protection Logs (PLOGs), and this utility was ADASEL.

With the release of ADABAS 7, a new utility was delivered which was theoretically designed to better address the requirements of Data Warehouse Change Data Capture (CDC) processing, and this utility is ADACDC.  (The ADASEL utility continues to remain available with ADABAS 7).

While both ADASEL and ADACDC are fully supported by the NatWorks product NatCDC, the question arises as to which utility should be used.  NatWorks has extensively reviewed the potential use of both utilities, and we therefore offer the following summarization / comparison of these two approaches.

Where ADASEL and ADACDC are the same:

Where ADASEL and ADACDC differ:

ADASEL provides better audit capabilities due to the mirroring of optimistic processing and the delivery of before/after images.  When ADASEL is used in conjunction with NatCDC processing, full “delta change” processing is supported.

ADACDC is only useful for “delta change” processing, and the output of ADACDC still requires further processing (I.E. manual coded processes) prior to passing this data into a target Data Warehouse.

NatWorks’ Recommendation:
While NatWorks’ NatCDC product supports either the ADASEL or ADACDC utility, we recommend utilizing the ADASEL for core PLOG processing.  The features that ADACDC provides that ADASEL does not inherently provide is addressed by NatCDC.

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