The above processing is all that is required to take a PLOG file and transform this file into usable data.  This processing can certainly be done without any 3rd party tools, it can be done with 3rd party tools that cost well above $70,000 - or it can be done with NatQuery and NatCDC for a cost that is significantly less.

The reason that NatWorks products are so cost-effective is simple:  We leverage what functionality you already own, and provide the functionality that is missing.

With other solutions, you pay a very dear price for what can only be called redundant functionality to the processing that ADABAS utilities already provide.

In proof of this statement, consider one of the most important aspects of the proper handling of ADABAS PLOGs:  Record Decompression.  In order to properly process an ADABAS PLOG into usable data, the PLOG records must be decompressed from the internal ADABAS format.  Of all the processing that must occur on a PLOG, Record Decompression processing is by far the most CPU intensive aspects.

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NatCDC Operation and Architecture


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